About me

For me, design is more than just craft - design is always also a dialogue with the customers of a company - UI/UX designer - Robert Werkier

Hello, my name is Robert Werkier - Im UI/UX Designer

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Thanks to my now twenty years of professional experience in the field of media design and marketing, I have in-depth know-how, which I am constantly expanding with new trends and applications. Most recently I specialized in user experience and user interface design. This enables me to harmonize conventional marketing with contemporary screen design concepts.

In my professional career so far, I have worked successfully both as an employed designer for companies and as a freelancer for project tasks for numerous customers and agencies. So I bring a high degree of flexibility and a wide range of specialist knowledge with me and can meet the required range of services. My work is customer-oriented, creative and absolutely reliable, even with short deadlines. 

Great attention to detail

Aesthetic and emotional design!

I attach particular importance to high quality standards in terms of functionality and aesthetics. I work cost-consciously and always look for optimization potential.

A strong brand requires a professional and unique appearance. A look with a high recognition value makes a decisive contribution to success. Would you like customers, prospects, employees and business partners to perceive your company or organization in a visually positive way?

Then you need a corporate design! I would be happy to work this out for you.

UI/UX Designer Robert Werkier - Responsive Webdesign
UI/UX Designer Robert Werkier - Responsive Webdesign

Design is my passion

I would be happy to support you in transforming conventional marketing & design into a contemporary one UI/UX concepts to translate.

This enables you to combine the best of both worlds in order to reach and inspire your customers over the long term.

I advise you in all areas with a preference for usability & user experience, design thinking, corporate design, Google marketing and strategic marketing in social media.